Role of the Chair

  • Start your session on time, regardless of the number of attendees in the session room.
  • Some of the smaller session rooms will be doubled by overflow rooms where participants who are late, or in excess of the room capacity, will be redirected by the Congress staff. The presentations will be shown in those overflow rooms.
  • Briefly introduce the topic at the beginning of the session and mention your specific sponsors if any (2mins). You can show one or two slides to do this. These introductory slides have to be uploaded through the preview system as all other presentations. Do not encroach on time devoted to the speakers.
  • At the beginning of each session of your symposium (e.g. after each coffee break or lunch break), music will be played for 3 minutes to allow participants to join the room, then you will have 2 minutes to introduce the symposium before the first speaker starts. You can repeat your introduction for new participants joining only after the coffee break or lunch break if you like. If you do not wish to repeat the introduction, we ask you to wait for two minutes to start with the first speaker for synchronization reasons.
  • Be sure that your introduction is not longer than 2 minutes or it will reduce time available for the first speaker (who may resent you for this!); there will be no sound signal for the start of the first speaker after your introduction and you are therefore responsible for them starting on time.
  • Before the session starts, remind all speakers that the session will be recorded for publication on the Congress’s website.
  • Remind every speaker of the allocated time for his presentation (14min of presentation, 3 min for questions) and make sure that it is respected. It is under the chairman’s responsibility that speaking time and question time is respected.
  • Signal to the speaker when she/he is 2 min away from the end of her/his presentation.
  • Because discussion is crucial to scientific exchange, question time should not be used by the speaker to present a longer talk, nor by the audience to move between rooms, as is too often the case in many congresses.
  • To help you save the discussion time from these threats, there will be a sound, synchronized across all rooms in the venue, signaling the beginning of question time (and the end of the talk). The end of discussion time will be signaled by music played during 3 min, when the audience can then move between rooms and allowing change of speakers in the room.
  • Remind the audience at the beginning of session that they should respect the discussion time and wait until the music is played to move between rooms. It is not advisable that discussion continues while the music is played and people move between rooms.
  • Our goal is to maintain a high synchronization of talks across the 13 parallel sessions at any time, please help us to achieve this goal.
  • Make sure to end the session on time and do not encroach upon coffee break or lunch break time.

Any questions?

If you have a comment to make or a technical question to ask, do not hesitate to contact us by email: