Conference dinner


The conference dinner (or “super social”) will take place the evening of Wednesday, August 22nd, at the Abbaye de Valmagne, a spectacular building whose construction started in 1275. The abbey is surrounded by beautiful gardens and vineyards, and dinner participants will be able to taste and drink some of the wines they produce. You can read more about the abbey and see more pictures by visiting its web site. The conference dinner will be followed by music and dancing. We will offer bus transportation to and from the Abbaye. Buses will leave the Corum (ground floor, next to the exhibition hall) at regular intervals starting at 6pm until 7pm, and they will start returning to the Corum from the Abbaye at 11pm until 4 am (buses will depart every hour). Plan an arrival in Montpellier an hour later. In order to access the banquet you will need both your badge and your banquet coupon – please do not forget them!

Abbaye de Valmagne