Prepare your registration


Because the ESEB 2018 conference venue can only accommodate 2500 participants, registration will close once this number is reached. To allow talk and poster presenters to register, there will be an initial period during which presenters will be given priority registration. We STRONGLY encourage presenters to register during this period. Once this period ends, registration will open for all and we will apply a first-come, first-served rule independently of whether people are presenting or not. Given the number of abstracts that were submitted, we expect the cap to be reached very quickly once registration is open for all. Therefore, if you do not register during the priority period, you may find that the conference has filled, in which case your talk or poster will be cancelled.

Reminder: general registration will open on April 10th 5pm CEST. On April 10th, the registration department will be on duty until midnight (Central European Summer Time) to answer your queries if you experience difficulties in registering. Then the service will close for a few hours and reopen on April 11th 9am (Central European Summer Time): you can register while the service is closed but specific queries can be answered only during times where it is open.

We will maintain a waiting list for registration and will inform persons on the list as cancellations of registered participants occur.

Prepare your registration in advance to speed up the process.

To reduce waste and the environmental impact of the conference, many items typically included in conference packages will be available only on demand and in exchange of a small fee. This will be the case, for example, for printed programs, bags and water bottles (check the list of goodies below).

This is also true for bagged lunches, which are not included in base registration fee but can be ordered separately for each day during the registration process. The area around the convention center offers many options for foraging at lunch from classy restaurants to various fast food joints and bakeries. Many of you will probably enjoy escaping the conference venue during lunch breaks. Booking a bagged lunch is however advised if you plan to attend one of the many discussion groups, meetings and/or workshops organized during various lunch breaks. To help you plan ahead, below is a list of such lunch events, as currently known to us.

We have implemented various networking initiatives to favor discussion and exchanges among scientists at various stages in their career and from various geographical origins. Favoring exchanges with new colleagues is an important goal of this Joint Meeting. You will be asked questions during registration about your willingness to participate to these various initiatives.

Because of many side events and options offered, the registration process will be longer than what is typical for ESEB meetings (but not much longer than what is typical of recent Evolution meetings). Anticipate that you may need at least 30 minutes to register, IF you have prepared in advance.

To prepare for registration:

Problems loading the registration page probably arise from firewall restrictions set by the servers at your workplace. If you experience such problems please try to submit from somewhere with different firewall settings (e.g. home).

1) Check your current Society membership status.

Registration is significantly cheaper if you are a member of any one of the four Societies organizing the conference. Membership to any of the Societies costs much less than the difference in registration fee for members and non-members, both for students and professionals. Being a Society member furthermore provides many advantages and benefits (including subscription to the Society’s journal) and allows you being part of a large community supporting a field of research and acting on the development of that field. Scientific Societies play a crucial role with respect to important issues such as science denial, scientific practices, and the publication and communication of science in both political and public contexts. Find out about what these Societies do by checking their websites (just click on the Societies logo on top of this page).

Being a Society member is great! Do not waste more time and become a member now!


If you think that you are already a member, please take time to check on your current membership status. Many of us forget to renew their membership on time and think, in good faith, that they are current members.
For SSE, SSB and ASN you can check your current membership status by using the following links:
SSE: members need to log in to the Member Sign-up and Renewal platform and check their membership status under the Membership tab
ESEB: If you would like to check on your current ESEB membership status, please contact Mrs Imogen Cobden (, Wiley membership service, and if possible, provide your membership number to speed up the process.

2) Check the code of conduct of the conference

All participants have to approve a code-of-conduct to register to the conference. This code-of-conduct reminds everyone that mutual respect is the elementary basis for all sound scientific discussion and social interaction. The Joint Congress will gather many scientists of different career stages and genders, as well as geographical origins and cultures. This diversity will be the very richness of the meeting and we wish to foster an open-minded, welcoming and inclusive atmosphere in which we learn from our differences, respectfully debate when we disagree, and unite in our common interest of Evolutionary Biology.

Take some time now to review the code-of-conduct approved by all four scientific societies.

The Joint Congress on Evolution is intended to foster the exchange of scientific ideas, providing participants with an opportunity to network with an international community of evolutionary biologists. The European Society of Evolutionary Biology (ESEB), Society for the Study of Evolution (SSE), the American Society of Naturalists (ASN), and the Society of Systematic Biologists (SSB) are committed to creating an environment where everyone can participate without harassment, discrimination, or violence of any kind.  All meeting participants must be treated with respect and consideration. Registration for the meeting is considered an agreement to abide by this code of conduct.
Harassment of any participant will not be tolerated. Unacceptable behavior includes (but is not limited to) unwanted verbal attention, unwanted touching, intimidation, stalking, shaming, or bullying. Blatant discrimination on the basis of gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, physical appearance, race, religion, national origin, or ethnicity will not be tolerated. Harassment presented in a joking manner constitutes unacceptable behavior. Retaliation for reporting harassment is also unacceptable, as is reporting an incident in bad faith.

The meeting organizers and society executive officers reserve the right to enforce this code of conduct in any manner deemed appropriate.  Anyone violating the code of conduct may be: (a) asked to stop, (b) expelled from the meeting, and/or (c) prohibited from attending future meetings. Establishing this code of conduct is intended to maintain the high quality of scientific discourse that members have come to expect from our meetings.  

3) Check the different categories for registration fees

  Early bird registration
VAT incl.
Late registration
VAT incl.
On site registration
VAT incl.
Professional Member 340,00€ 440,00€ 540,00€
Professional Non Member 500,00€ 600,00€ 700,00€
Graduate student Member 180,00€ 280,00€ 380,00€
Graduate student Non Member 300,00€ 400,00€ 500,00€
Undergraduate student 100,00€ 100,00€ 100,00€
Accompanying person
(including welcome reception and coffee breaks)
80,00€ 80,00€ 80,00€

Postdoctorants having defended their PhD less than 3 years ago (i.e. since August 18th, 2015) can benefit from the graduate student fare.

Lunch Bags: 15 € VAT incl./pers/day

Professionals include participants with a faculty position, researchers in different institutions and agencies, and postdoctoral fellows beyond 3 years after their PhD defense. Postdoctoral fellows having defended their PhD less than 3 years ago (i.e. since August 18th, 2015) can benefit from the graduate student fare.

The last day for early bird registration is April 30th 2018 5 PM CET, but it is likely that the cap for the maximal number of registered participants will be reached much before that.

You can add accompanying persons to your registration. The registration fee for an accompanying person (80€) includes the Welcome Cocktail and Coffee breaks, but no access to the scientific sessions. You will not be able to add an accompanying person after having registered, nor will you be refunded if an accompanying person cancels his or her coming after your registration.

4) Check the different networking activities

To facilitate networking, all participants will have to indicate three keywords reflecting their research interests. You can check already this list of keywords and decide which ones best reflect your interests to save time during registration.

Behavioral ecology
Community ecology and evolution
Computational biology
Conservation biology
Contemporary evolution
Evolutionary demography
Evolutionary ecology
Eco-evolutionary dynamics
Evolution of sex
Experimental evolution
Gene Flow
Global change biology
Host-Parasite interaction
Invasion biology
Life History
Migration / dispersion
Molecular Evolution
Multi-level Selection
Quantitative genetics
Phenotypic plasticity/GxE
Population genetics
Reproductive systems
Sexual selection
Sexual conflict
Social evolution

Poster invitations: Poster invitations have been implemented in recent Evolution meetings and some ESEB meeting editions, always with great success. Poster presenters have the option to invite up to 3 participants to visit their poster during their poster session. They can use the keywords to decide who to invite. Participants may then receive an invitation from the meeting organizers indicating who invited them and where the poster will be. No contact information (e.g. e-mail addresses) is communicated to the presenters.

During registration, you will be asked whether you agree to receive poster invitations.

Networking lunch: On Sunday August 19th, we are organizing a network lunch to foster interactions between researchers at different stages of their careers. The aim is to allow junior researchers (students/postdocs) to discuss various issues with more experienced researchers including hot topics in evolution, career paths, and academic life. It is of course also an opportunity for both students/postdocs and PIs to meet potential collaborators.

Small groups of people will be formed on the base of scientific keywords and non-scientific professional interests. Some space and tables will be dedicated to the network lunch inside the congress place, but of course you can also enjoy the beautiful city of Montpellier! Registration for the network lunch is free, but we recommend that participants pick the conference lunch bag this day.

During registration, you can declare that you wish to participate to the networking lunch and if so, you will be asked to indicate three additional issues that you would be interested in discussing:

Two-body problem (partner’s career)
LGBT in science
Diversity in science
Women in science
Work-life balance
Science communication
Open access
Working in applied sector
Academic carrier management
Social media

Mayr Award:
If you have a faculty position (or some other senior researcher position) and are member of SSB, you can volunteer to be a judge for this award. This entails that you attend the whole May Award symposium (August Sunday 19th). The SSB Mayr Award committee will select judges with complementary expertise among volunteers and will contact you directly if you are recruited.

For more information see Society Prizes

Hamilton Award:
If you have a faculty position (or some other senior researcher position) and are member of SSE, you can volunteer to be a judge for this award. This entails that you attend the whole Hamilton Award symposium (August Sunday 19th). The SSE Hamilton Award committee will select judges with complementary expertise among volunteers and will contact you directly if you are recruited.

For more information see Society Prizes

5) Check the program of lunch events to decide if and when you want to order a bagged lunch

Lunch bags will contain a sandwich, a salad and a dessert (or fruit). Particular attention will be paid to minimize packaging. They will be prepared by a caterer and exchanged against a dated ticket within the conference venue during lunch breaks. To avoid waste, lunch bags must be ordered in advance during registration; they cannot be purchased onsite nor online once your registration is complete. Each day, unclaimed pre-ordered lunch bags will be given away to any participant half an hour before the end of lunch breaks.

There will be limited room within the conference venue to eat your lunch, but a lot of space outside in the park and tree-shaded large alleys in the immediate proximity of the conference center.

Bagged lunch price: 15 euros

If you want to attend some lunch discussion group (see planning below, events in pink), we recommend that you order a bagged lunch for that day to save time. If you must attend a Journal Board meeting, or a Society meeting at lunch time (events in orange), do not order a bagged lunch as they will be pre-ordered and delivered directly in the meeting room.

Planning of lunch events

6) Decide if you want to attend the Conference dinner

The Conference dinner will take place on the last day of the conference, August Wednesday 22nd. Check the location of the Conference dinner.
The price of the dinner is 80 euros for professionals, 60 euros for students. Accompanying persons can benefit from the same fare as the person who has registered to the conference. The price includes transportation from the Congress venue to the dinner venue and back again. Due to the capacity of the venue, the number of participants to the dinner is capped at 1500.

7) Check which goodies you would like to buy

None of these goodies are refundable once your registration is complete, and no further items can be ordered after that either.

Printed program: A free conference app will be available to all attendees, as will a free pdf of the conference program, so, to reduce waste, a hardcopy of the program will not be included in your conference package by default. You can, however, order a printed booklet, which will be retrieved onsite. The printed program will not contain the abstracts of the 2000 presentations, which will be available online only. Price: 25 euros.

Transportation Pass: For public transportation, a 4-days pass is available for 7 euros (conference negotiated price, regular one way-ticket is 1.6€) and can be booked during registration. This pass gives access to buses and tramways in Montpellier and neighboring cities. The vending machines for tramway tickets do not always work well with foreign credit cards, so ordering the conference pass can also save you from this trouble. Price: 7 euros. For more details see here.

Conference bag: Conference bags can be handy for shopping and a nice souvenir to bring back home. You may, however, not need them. To reduce waste, conference bags are available only by order during registration: Price: 3 euros

Water bottle: To avoid the use of disposable cups, we will have water fountains in the conference venue and recommend the use of water bottles. You may bring your own, or pretty conference water bottles can be ordered for a small fee during registration. Price: 5 euros

T-shirt or tank top: You can order organic cotton T-shirts featuring the conference logo as a souvenir. They come in different sizes (measurments are in cm), models (T-shirt or tank top) and colors (white, taupe or black).Price: 15 euros.

More details

8) Check the excursions

During your visit in Montpellier you may participate to a number of excursions proposed by the congress organization via the Montpellier Office de Tourisme, i.e. a tour of the Montpellier historical downtown, a visit to the Faculty of Medicine and a visit to the Botanical Garden. You may also decide to participate to wine or bird watching tours operated by professional companies. You can peruse the different options here. If you are interested by one of the tours organized by the congress you will need to book them during registration, and therefore in order to speed up the process it may be a good idea to make your decision before you actually register. These excursions are not refundable after registration. For the wine and bird watching tours you need to contact directly the tour operators and you can do this at any time you wish.

9) Check if you need an invitation letter for your visa

If you do, have your passport ready to fill in the necessary information during registration.

10) Check the cancellation policy

No change in the invoice for your registration will be possible after payment. You can cancel your participation and be refunded the fee less a 50 euros cancellation cost up to one month before the conference (i.e. until July 17th). After that date, you will not be refunded if you cancel. We will, however, accept name changes on your registration if you cancel late, allowing a colleague to use your registration, and its options, until August 3rd 2018. As it is likely that many will not be able to register because of the cap, it will be to the benefit of all if you inform us as soon as possible if you must cancel your registration, allowing us to accommodate another participant.

11) Check the mode of payment

Only payment through credit card (VISA/Mastercard/CB/American Express) or bank transfer will be possible. If you anticipate some difficulty, contact us well in advance. Your registration is only valid once payment is received.

During registration you will need to fill in a "Billing details" section. All participants need to fill this section whichever mode of payment they choose. In this section you should provide the name and address that will appear on your invoice/receipt. To speed up your registration prepare this information before registering, especially if the payment is made through an institutional account.

12) Check Childcare options

We will offer different childcare options during the congress. Check these options here.
Childcare can be booked only after you have registered and will be billed separately. Childcare is largely sponsored by ESEB and other sponsors, but is not entirely free for parents to avoid large numbers of cancellations. Childare can be booked until April 30th 2018.